Leadership Bios

Meet our leadership team.

Luke Anderson

Luke Anderson – Elder

Luke has an accounting degree and experience budgeting and managing corporate finances. He also manages several properties and is well-equip for his role on this team. Luke and his wife Myrna live in Otsego with their five children, Avah, Kiethen, Cyrus, Gary and Veronika.

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Katy Dahl

Katy Dahl – Worship Leader

Katy Dahl is our part-time worship leader at Living Hope. She oversees the musicians, vocalists, projectionists and sound technicians each week to lead in undistracting worship to our Savior. Katy graduated from the Association Free Lutheran Bible School in 2012 and finished her B.S. in Music Ministry from the University of Northwestern, St. Paul in the spring of 2017. She is passionate about writing music and proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

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Erin Harris – Global Outreach

As the global outreach leader, Erin is responsible for inspiring and involving the church to reach the world. She also sets and organizes areas of focus within our global missions partnerships. Erin grew up in Ontonagon, MI and currently lives in St. Louis Park, MN.

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Chris Kumpula

Chris Kumpula – Elder

Chris is in his third year of studies at the Association Free Lutheran Theological Seminary (AFLTS) in Plymouth, MN. He is married to Becca, and they have a son named Theodore. They currently live in Elk River, MN, which is where Chris has called home since 1996. Chris sensed a call to ministry during military school and left to attend the University of St Thomas. After five busy years in politics, he began studies at AFLTS in January 2015. Chris will be continuing at AFLTS until January 2018 and graduates after a one year internship assignment.

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Wendy Kupser – Greeting Ministry

Wendy is a stay-at-home mom and homeschool teacher and tutor. She and her husband along with their three boys live in Zimmerman, MN. Wendy seeks to express God’s love by helping set the tone of the upcoming worship service. She does this by welcoming everyone who enters our church and communicating to them that we’re glad they could join us.

Emily Lehn

Emily Lehn – Treasurer

As the treasurer, Emily manages the Living Hope checkbook, including itemized tracking of ministry expenses against budget. She has a background in accounting. Emily lives in Albertville with her husband Chuck and their three children, Erica, Bennett and Maddox.

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Elaine Lucht

Elaine Lucht – Financial Secretary

As the financial secretary, Elaine keeps an accurate record of the tithes and offerings. She has a background in small business bookkeeping and office management. Elaine lives in Albertville with her husband Steve. They have two grown daughters and three grandsons.

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Steve Lucht

Steve Lucht – Stewardship Elder

Steve owns his own business where he provides consulting and financial planning services. He also manages several properties. Steve is married to Elaine. They have two grown daughters and three grandsons.

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Mindi Nash

Mindi Nash – Children’s Ministry

Mindi prepares the regular meeting times for Sunday school. She trains and encourages leaders in this area, as well as coordinators for events such as Vacation Bible School and our annual Christmas Program. Mindi also provides oversight to coordinators for nursery times. She and her husband, Preston, live in Monticello, MN, with their three children Pason, Nora and Tytus.

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Josiah Rolf

Josiah Rolf – Elder

Josiah lives in Big Lake with his wife Courtney and their daughter, Dagne. He is a graduate of Heritage Christian Academy in Maple Grove, AFLBS and MTI for Missionary Aviation. From 2010‐2013, Josiah worked as the Youth Director at Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church in Deephaven, MN. He and Courtney have been going to Living Hope off and on over the past eight years but officially became members last fall.

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Kim Sullivan – Hospitality

Kim has a real gift with organizing chaos and planning events. In the hospitality role, she’s oversees the needs and supplies for our kitchen. This includes planning for special meals and events. Kim also partners with the Trustees and Design & Improvement teams for physical needs and changes. She is married to Shaun. They live in Albertville with their two children, Dyllan and Addilyn.

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Shaun Sullivan

Shaun Sullivan – Local Outreach

Shaun has a real passion and energy for helping others. He is responsible for coordinating ministry opportunities in our local and surrounding communities. Shaun currently works as a project manager at a health management company and has leadership and team building skills. He and his wife Kim live in Albertville with their two children, Dyllan and Addilyn.

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