Leadership Team

The head of Living Hope Church is Jesus Christ. Whatever we do must reflect His priorities. No decision should knowingly contradict any of Jesus’ teaching. We must rely on the guidance of the indwelling Holy Spirit as we endeavor to carry out God’s plan for us as a church. The leadership structure of the church is intentionally designed to accommodate simplicity, growth, unity, and biblical teaching.

Board of Elders

The Board of Elders includes the Senior Pastor and Executive Pastor. Together they fulfill the Biblical leadership outlined in Scripture to oversee the spiritual direction, shepherding, leadership and teaching of the church. The following are Living Hope’s elders:

Stewardship Team

The Stewardship Team oversees the legal and financial aspects of the ministry and matters pertaining to buildings and property. They develop and submit the annual budget to the church for review and approval by the congregation, ministry leaders, management team, and Board of Elders. The Stewardship Team contributes visionary ideas for prayer and evaluation. They have the responsibility and the authority to manage the budget and provide a yearly audit of the financial records. The Stewardship Team includes:

Management Team and Ministry Leaders

The Management Team and Ministry Leaders support and follow the overall purpose, values, vision and strategy of the church. They build, equip, and coordinate teams of volunteers to help them fulfill the ministry that God has called them to do within the overall purpose of the church. Our Management Team and Ministry Leaders are as follows: